Our Student Management module will help you monitor behaviour, streamline reporting and manage attendance records.

One of SIMON’s most valued features, the Behaviour Tracking Module flags the behavior patterns of individual or groups of students to multiple staff members. It provides visibility and accountability to help schools address behaviour issues early before they escalate.

Documentation is uploaded to the student profile and is visible to all across the pastoral chain. An invaluable tool for your school’s student management and pastoral care, it also includes commendation functionality.

Feature Summary:

  • SIMON has a Pastoral Access Methodology that restricts sensitive information to key school staff.
  • Incidents set to notify only those staff required.
  • Supports different school structures, including vertical and horizontal structure.
  • Behavioural history travels with the student’s movement through the school.

Teachers love the SIMON reporting function, not least because it saves time. It delivers fully customizable interim, semester and real time reports. Reports are automatically archived and searchable as PDFs and simply upload to the Parent Access Module where parents can review anywhere, anytime.

Student profiles provide easy access to family contact details as well as student attendance, behavior, assessments and commendation records aiding collaboration and support between teachers across the school.

Feature Summary:

  • Student notes recorded against the student, supporting documentation can be uploaded.
  • Student performance data accessible from a single area.
  • Historical access to all reports a student has received at the school.
  • Central location of student data.

Marking attendance has never been easier, saving significant time across your school. Marking rolls live online allows staff to easily see parent-notified absences, excursions, sick and leave passes and attendance history. It automates reporting and notification to staff and parents via SMS. Staff can be alerted about unmarked rolls.

Feature Summary:

  • Per minute attendance tracking
  • Roll marking across all web enabled platforms
  • Interconnected with all of SIMON’s modules

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