SIMON’s Learning Management module is intuitive and user-friendly and based on our understanding of how teachers work.

Teachers love the SIMON reporting function. It delivers fully customisable interim, semester and real time reports. Reports are automatically archived and searchable and simply upload to the Parent Access Module. Students can access learning resources and submit work for assessment.

Feature Summary:

  • Modular interface to report design.
  • Easily managed and flexible template system
  • Report cycles allow schools to create evolving reports over a semester.
  • Intuitive interface allows multiple staff to manage the reports.

Teachers and students can share documents, resources and assignments in their learning areas. Students can submit assignments for assessment, publish selected work or collaborate with other students in school, subject or class based forums.

Feature Summary:

  • Collaborative subject based resource sharing.
  • Access to resources granted via the timetable, removing micromanagement of resources.
  • Ability to interconnect with other rich learning and teaching resources.

How did we ever do without real time access to staff and student timetables across the school? Effortlessly find staff and students, produce lists, change rooms, and alter yard duty. Another way SIMON cuts time spent on administration.

Feature Summary:

  • Staff and students have access to their timetables.
  • Room changes and extras reflected in real time on the timetable.
  • Timetables can be generated in many different formats. For example, by teacher, student, subject etc.
  • The ability to augment the base timetable in SIMON to overcome the limitations of traditional timetabling solutions.

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