We used to use four separate software packages, now with SIMON, the College gets all the features they need with one.

Thomas Carr College fully implemented SIMON in 2011 which lead to the replacement of four separate software packages being used for attendance, reporting, student management and student administration. Our staff now have the ability through SIMON to access only one information management system.

The introduction of SIMON has led to significant improvement in our learning and teaching programs, reporting, monitoring student attendance and management of student behaviour.

The College now has on demand reporting which both parents and students can access at any time, along with information relating to all assessment tasks and homework tasks given to students.

Our teaching staff now have access to a great knowledge management system which allows for the storage of all documentation relating to courses of study and other online resources as well as access at appropriate levels to information about their students.

The College extensively uses the Parent Access Module (PAM) with an overwhelming number of parents acclaiming this module. It has improved immensely our communication and contact with parents and has led to a greater engagement with our parent community.

The introduction of SIMON at Thomas Carr College has improved significantly the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation of the College and has provided our staff, students and parents with access to a learning management system which contains all information relevant to their needs.

In short I could not imagine leading a school without SIMON.

Pricipal, Thomas Carr College, Tarneit

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