Our staff have whole-heartedly embraced the SIMON system due to user friendliness and its ability to assist them in their roles.

Salesian College Chadstone implemented SIMON as its internal Learning Management and Student management system in 2012. Implementation was phased in to ensure staff learnt each aspect prior to mandating each elements use. This process has been fast tracked over the past three years as staff have whole-heartedly embraced its use due to is user friendliness and its ability to assist them in their roles.

The first phase to be implemented was the student management module including attendance, commendations, incident reports and other data related to the management of all aspects of student life.

We have witnessed a noticeable decrease in issues related to these areas and now have access to a rich set of data that allows us to follow and monitor all of our boys.

Recently we have implemented the learning management module including learning area document storage sections as well as the reporting aspect of this module. Staff have been blown away by the ease of completing reports using SIMON. They have been equally impressed with the efficiency of uploading curriculum documentation and having a logical place to store and access curriculum materials.

Principal, Salesian College, Chadstone

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